4 thoughts on “Login with Parse in Swift – Xcode 6.4 iOS 8.4 Tutorial”

    1. It’s used in the if statement. If the current visitor is not logged in, navigate to the login scene, before home scene appears.
      dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue() dispatches UI updates to the main thread asynchronously.


  1. Hi Rumiya,

    I really enjoyed your tutorial and I am loving swift already. Just one correction I would like to make to your code, if you don’t mind. For the following code in HomeViewController.swift you put it the following:

    “if let pUserName = PFUser.currentUser()?[“username”] as? String {”

    I have tried this and was getting an error, could you please correct it to the following:

    “if let pUserName = PFUser.currentUser()?.username {”

    Other than that, its a beautiful app.



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